Episode 10: Father's Day Drama

EPISODE 10 wherein Jack, Neil and Pat attempt to Beat The Press (like in a fun game not like in a Gianforte way)! Join them as they parse Russian investigation testimony, speculate on an end to those proceedings, and HOLD A MIRROR UP TO SOCIETY AS A WHOLE! We go there. If it's Sunday, it's BEAT THE PRESS!
Have A Good Evening. 

Episode 5

Pat and Neil welcome Brianna to the pod to talk Rex Tillerson's surprising career coach, why Trump likes his steaks well done, and the worst week of United Airline's history. 

Have a Good Evening.

Episode 3

In this third episode, Pat and the gang (minus one) try to clear the fog surrounding some healthcare, Russia, the 2018 gubernatorial election in Illinois.

Have a Good Evening.

Episode 2

In this second episode, Pat and the gang discuss last week's Good Evening show, discuss the prospects for the next gubernatorial race in Illinois, and muse about the odds of impeachment for Donald Trump.

Have a Good Evening.

Special Episode: Sam Bailey


Pat sits down with Sam Bailey, creator of ‘You’re So Talented' to discuss her life and work, and mildly unnerve her with his Facebook snooping skills! Listen now to hear about how she decided to make a web series about a young lady working as an actor in Chicago!

And as always,

Have A Good Evening