Too Much News

Good morning folks, happy Thursday. Unless you're on twitter. 

I use twitter multiple times a day-for me, it's the best and easiest way to keep up with what's going on in the world. I follow dozens of journalists, each from a respected news source who's an expert in their field. I also follow a lot of...not-experts, funny pundits, and 'canaries in coal mines' in an effort to 1.) get as close to unbiased coverage as I can and 2.) balance out my algorithm.

But increasingly, things are happening too quickly for me to even TRY and keep up with current events. Just last night, Anthony 'The Mooch' (my god) Scaramucci tweeted out that he'd be going to the FBI and the Justice Department to have them investigate leaks of his personal financial information. If that weren't enough, he tagged WH Chief of Staff Reince Preibus, a move many interpreted as an allegation or threat. Not only did all the hubbub over his tweet overshadow any actual substantive reporting about said financials, but this morning-lo and behold-the tweet had been deleted. 

The Mooch is just one example of why I've had to dial back the amount of attention I pay to the Trump administration on a daily basis. So many headlines quibble on the meaning of off handed statements-statements that I see more and more are completely off the cuff, and meant to be a show's of force made in the moment without regard for long term effects. Flailing threats, last ditch efforts to exert control in situations administration officials don't fully understand. 

So I've resolved to not spend my energy on what-if's. 'Trump Administration Signals Something or Other', 'Trump Team Believes Blah Blah Blah', 'Could Trump White House Roll Back Yaddah Yaddah?'. Don't get me wrong-I'll still pay attention to potential future events. But I'm not losing it on what it's anymore. There are too many actual problems to deal with.

Have a good weekend.